Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nil Gavane Sellathey.. A review Vaz

Starts off promisingly and before you know it, you start feeling nostalgic.  The fact that you are watching " Texas Chainsaw Massacre" the 2003 version and (which itself is a remake of the 1974 Tobe Hooper's titular slasher flick) hits you.. A group of friends going on a vacation trip are being knocked off one by one.. who or what are the killers?   Technically the movie is sound with crisp editing by Mathan GunaDeva and J Lakshman handles the cinematography capturing the dry atmosphere well.  The cast comprising of the director Anand Chakravarthy, Dhansika and co.  pass muster as they have not much to do, except run around screaming.   Background score and mix are good by Selvaganesh, though none of the songs stick to your mind.  The flashback sequence is believable and is the best part of the film. Overall, an okay flick if you havent seen the original, but not for hardcore horror fans of hollywood.

(PS:  Should have listed Tobe Hooper in credits :)   )

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